TOPOUTING INFORMATIONShonan Fujisawa Concierge and Shonan Fujisawa Souvenir(S)

Shonan Fujisawa Concierge and Shonan Fujisawa Souvenir(S)
(Tourist Information and Souvenir Shop)

Shonan Fujisawa Concierge(Tourist Information)

Shonan Fujisawa Souvenir(S)

[Shonan Fujisawa Concierge(Tourist Information)]
Opened to serve as a base for transmitting information for the area along the Enoshima Electric Railway focused around Fujisawa and including Kamakura. We have regular staff members who can speak English and Chinese, and the facility functions as a sightseeing information desk for foreign travelers to Japan as well. A temporary luggage storage service (paid) is available here as well.

[Shonan Fujisawa Souvenir(S)]
This shop seeks to spread the allure of the area's local products with the basic concept of "great local items provided in great timing and great condition." Over 400 varieties of confections, processed goods, and other items from Fujisawa and other areas along the Enoshima Electric Railway, as well as the Shonan region, are available for purchase here.

Store Overview
[Shonan Fujisawa Concierge(Tourist Information)]
Proposal-based information station
●Introduction of tourism facilities, events, and experienced-based content
● Introduction of location spots, store information, event information, and town walk information

Support of foreign tourists
● Support in foreign languages by staff (English and Chinese)
● Wi-Fi station installation/tablet terminal use

Temporary Luggage Storage
- We can store your luggage here temporarily for a fee.
[ Fees ]
Size Unit Price
L+W+H: –115cm ¥600
L+W+H: 115 – 200cm ¥700
L+W+H: 200cm– ¥800
*Luggage storage fees must be paid in advance.
*Storage Hours: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
*If you are unable to retrieve your luggage before 5:00 PM, you will have to wait until the following day and will be charged an additional fee for each additional day.
*The extra fee will be the same amount as what was paid in advance and will be added daily for each additional day.
*Please be aware that we will not be able to store additional luggage if we should exceed our maximum storage capacity.

[Shonan Fujisawa Souvenir(S)]
Network of antenna shops offering local goods for local consumption
● Sale of Fujisawa tourism specialties
● Sale of popular store items from the Enoden wayside area
1-1 Minami-Fujisawa, Fujisawa City
Fujisawa Station South Gate Concourse 2F
1-minute walk from JR or Odakyu Line Fujisawa Station
2-minute walk from Enoden Fujisawa Station
Phone number
Business hours
Shonan Fujisawa Concierge - 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM (Including the temporary luggage storage service)
Shonan Fujisawa Souvenir(S) - 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM