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Kenchoji Temple
There are the temple bell (Bonsho) which is the National Treasure and the huge "Sanmon" main gate in the precincts worthy of the first rank temple of Kamakura Gozan Temples. Hansobo, a shrine for the protection of Kenchoji, which is located at the deepest part of the precincts is known as a power spot of "Tengu mystical energy."
Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine
Not only regular events such as Yabusame (archery on horseback) and Bonbori (Japanese paper lantern) festival, a lot of wedding ceremonies are held in Maiden (lower worship hall) .There are the Genpei-ike Pond where you can enjoy various flowers at every season and the Peony Garden, and Tsurugaoka Hachimangu receives many worshipers.
Kamakuragu Shrine
Kamakuragu is a shrine which enshrines the Otonomiya Imperial Prince Morinaga"Shishigashira-mamori" (lion head used for protection) located in front of the Haid en (a hall of worship) welcomes worshipers. The Shishigashira-mamori has the benefits of fulfilling hopes for "greater purification, happiness, traffic safety and substitution."
Miyokawa Restaurant-Kamakura
The lunch of the Shizuka is the "Shokado Lunch Box" eaten at "Miyokawa Restaurant-Kamakura", which is a kaiseki ryori (a simple meal served before a ceremonial tea) restaurant.
Precious works of art since the era of the founder are exhibited in the restaurant, and you will have the illusion that you are in the museum. You can enjoy beautiful scenery while eating Miyokawa's foods.
Hasedera Temple(Hasekannon)
The Statue of Eleven-faced Goddess of Mercy, which is the principle image of Hasedera Temple, is the largest statue made of wood in Japan, and it is said that the statue is made of sacred trees cut from the mountain in Nara Prefecture. The precincts of Hasedera Temple are brightly colored with flowers and trees throughout the year, and lunch at Kaikoan Restaurant where you can overlook Yuigahama Beach is also popular.
The principal image of Kotoku-in is the only National Treasure Great Buddha in Kamakura、which is known as the "Kamakura Great Buddha." This is the Statue of Amida Nyorai folding both hands on the knees to form Jo-in (samadhi mudra, gesture of meditation). Please look his face closely, which was praised as a "handsome man" by Akiko Yosano.
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◯ You can get on the bus on the day of the tour if a vacancy is available.
◯ The charges set out above include entrance fees for temples.
◯ No charge discount for auxiliary seats.
◯ We ask for your understanding in advance that you will travel on foot from Hasedera Temple to Kotoku-in(Daibutsu).
◯ No service on the Year-end and New Year holidays (from December 31 to January 3)
◯ There are days out of service due to closed days of facilities.
◯ The arrival may be significantly delayed due to the heavy trafic on Saturday and holidays, and during the tourist season.
◯ Even if you cannot transfer to connecting trains or the like, we cannot give you a refund. So please give yourself plenty of time.
◯ No smoking in the bus.
◯ The tour may be operated using a different bus due to vehicle maintenance or the like.
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After you make a reservation, please come to the Enoden Kamakura Information at least 15 minutes before the departure time on the departure date.

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