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Privacy Policy

  • 1.Basic policy
    Enoshima Electric Railway Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") complies with laws and internal company regulations concerning personal data, etc., properly collects and uses all personal data handled by the Company, and safely manages personal data in accordance with the following.
  • 2.We shall comply with the following principles regarding the handling of personal data.
    (1)Collection of personal data
    When collecting personal data, we shall specify the purpose of its use, etc. and carry it out by lawful means.
    (2)Use and provision of personal data
    When using personal data, we shall do so within the range of purpose of use consented to by the customer. In addition, when personal data held by the Company is provided to third parties among its group companies, it shall do so with the consent of the customer.
    (3)Proper management of personal data
    Regarding the management of personal data, we shall develop internal rules, establish necessary systems, and implement safety measures.
    (4)Respect the rights of the individual
    We shall respect the customer´s rights regarding personal data, and when requested to disclose, correct, or delete his or her data, except where there is a provision of law, such as when there is a risk of serious impediment to the proper implementation of business, we shall respond to this request in a reasonable time period and within reason.
    (5)Compliance with laws and industry guidelines
    Regarding the handling of personal data, we shall comply with laws and regulations as they apply to the protection of personal data.
    (6)Continuous improvement of the handling of personal data
    We shall make appropriate efforts to improve the handling of personal data.
  • 3.Shared use of personal data in the Company´s accounting system
    The Company and each company listed below (refer to the scope of shared users) shall mutually share the use of the items listed in (1) below for the purpose of carrying out payment/invoicing as part of their business activities.
    (1)Items to be shared: name, name (code) of payee´s financial institution, branch name (code), account type, account number, account name
    (2) Scope of shared users (approx. 40 KB PDF file, will open on a separate page. Information in Japanese only.)
    (3)Administrator responsible for shared use: Odakyu Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
Inquiries regarding personal data
General contact: General Affairs Division, Phone number: 0466-24-2711