Local Buses

  • Where can I look up fares and times?
    You can find search fares and times from our homepage. (Local Buses)
  • What is PASMO? Can I use Suica?
    PASMO is a transportation IC card that allows you to use private railway and buses in the Tokyo metropolitan area with a single card. Even when its balance (stored fare (SF)) becomes 0 yen, a transportation IC card can continue being used by charging it. Suica cards are used in the same way.
    For details on PASMO, please click here. (PASMO Co., Ltd. homepage)
  • Can high-denomination banknotes be used on buses?
    No. The only banknotes accepted on buses are 1000 yen banknotes. Please have cash in the form of a 1000 yen banknote or coins, or else a transportation IC card, ready by the time you board the bus.
  • Can buses be used with a wheelchair?
    Yes, all our buses accept wheelchairs. Please tell the conductor at the time of boarding. Please note that if another wheelchair user already occupies the wheelchair station space, you will not be able to get on the bus.
  • Can I take a stroller on the bus?
    Yes, you can even if the stroller is not folded. In principle, you should hold the stroller upright in the bus yourself, or secure it using the auxiliary belt provided for this purpose on this bus. That belt is provided solely as an aid, and securing the stroller is the responsibility of the child’s parent or guardian. If the bus is crowded, you may be asked to fold the stroller before boarding the bus.
  • Are pets allowed on the bus?
    Yes, but only if they are carried in a dedicated hand-held cage. No extra fare will be charged for the pet, but please do not use an extra seat for the cage. If the conductor judges that the pet would inconvenience other customers and/or hinder the operation of the bus, the pet may be refused on the bus.


  • Are bus stop areas non-smoking?
    Yes, bus stops are designated as non-smoking areas at all times in accordance with the Health Promotion Law. Smoking on buses is also prohibited at all times. We appreciate the understanding and cooperation of all passengers to make the bus pleasant to ride on.
  • Is the use of mobile phones allowed on the bus?
    Yes, but with some restrictions. In the vicinity of priority seats, please power off your mobile phone. In all other locations on the bus, please set your mobile phone to silent mode and refrain from talking on the phone. We appreciate the understanding and cooperation of all passengers to make the bus pleasant to ride on.